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to retrieve their belongings, but that's been on hold. the fbi is still investigating this crime scene. it's a very large crime scene. and so, it is closed indefinitely. perhaps it will reopen later this afternoon, but we've not been told of the plans. >> you think about how all of this -- all played out yesterday, this gunman shooting up -- shooting up the terminal, basically. it sounds as though it could have been much worse. clearly, it was a tragedy. one tsa officer dead, two more injured. this terminal was packed with people, right? >> reporter: no question about it. you had a terminal filled with people. you had a gunman who was intent on shooting, show that he was not afraid to fire his weapon, and more telling, he had several clips of unused ammunition. this is how the mayor put it yesterday. >> -- that there was additional runs that this gunman had, and the fact that these officers were able to neutralize the threat as they did, there were 100 more rounds that could have literally killed everybody in that terminal today, were not for the actions, there could have been a lot more d
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1